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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:22 am 
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Well, herein this thread Bismarck and I (Washington) shall be chronicling our empires' adventures. Bismarck is attempting to lead the Germans to be the foremost empire on this earth while I strive to elevate the great nation of America to that position.

At the moment both our nations are but fledgling states, not truly fit for the title of empire so there is not a huge amount to report. But be sure that before long our empires shall be mighty and throughout the known world people will pay homage to our greatness, tremble in fear at our militaries, be in awe of our scientific achievements, be fascinated by our architecture and culture and will be clamouring to be allowed to join our might empire.

I have to be careful what I say in here as Bismarck may be reading it, he is after all possibly going to share the German's side of the story in here as well, I don't want to give away my position on the glove to anyone until I have to.
Everything that I post in this thread will have to pass the censors over at military intelligence. They won't allow me to reveal anything that could in any way endanger our brand new country.

So far our brave settlers wasted no time at all in founding the first city of what will grow to be our empire. We have named this city Washington, and she stands upon the banks of a small river in what seems to be fairly temperate, decent quality land.
However I feel that the settlers may have been tempted by the location of many nearby natural vineyards of grapes when they founded the city as it does not seem to currently be generating a huge amount of food or production for either the growth of the city or the production of workers, building and military. The few citizens that are there though assure me that once they have a few extra people moving in and can cultivate a bit more of the land that the city will flourish. Time will tell, though I am already sending out my lone unit of soldiers to scout the nearby land with an eye to founding a second city.

It's always a risk leaving the city unguarded but there are some archers left behind stationed in the taller building who should hopefully be able to scare off any barbarians that get it into their head to attempt to cause trouble in the streets of Washington. Everyone is for now safely garrisoned within the walls of the city anyway. It's worth the risk to attempt to find a decent site for a second city even though new colonists won't be setting out for a few years yet.

On their travels the soldiers have managed to make contact with a small nearby city-state. They were so impressed by even our newly born empire that they provided us with a tribute of 30 gold pieces completely out of the blue. Their kindness and respect won't be forgotten and they can consider themselves having made themselves a friend in this world.

I'll report back when there is something new to report, for now it's just a case of building up supplies and the people of Washington getting settled into their new city. They're currently training a worker to take care of irrigation, roads, that kind of thing but it's going to take a while, since he's the first he's pretty much having to experiment and discover all this stuff from scratch so it's set to take a fair wee while. After that though the city population should have grown a wee bit and there should be a decent number of hands to chip in with the building of the town's granary which will be a great boon to the town as it will allow them to have a nice store of food in the case of an especially harsh winter or a really bad harvest one year.

This is General Washington, signing off.


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 4:38 pm 
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 1:32 pm 
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