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The Toronto General Hospital scientists note StrictionD Review that this antibody doesn't get produced in the body unless someone has a lot of body fat hanging around. In fact, this antibody is the direct result of excess body fat. Even if you happen to have the gene for the antibody, the gene won't become expressed unless you're obese. Fortunately, there are ways of killing many autoimmune diseases with one stone. Here's how diabetics can get their immune system under control...

Get Checked for Celiac: Celiac disease is a surprisingly common autoimmune disease, affecting approximately 1 in 100 people. Even more people have what's known as gluten intolerance, or an abnormal immune response to ingesting wheat. If you have celiac disease, your body's immune system goes haywire every time you inject any wheat-containing product. Rather than cut out wheat, check with your doctor to get screened for this disease. Uncontrolled celiac disease can promote inflammation and autoimmunity.

Here's another tie-in to diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, also have a higher prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease. Watch Your Fats: The fats in your diet play an important role in your immune system. Most people eat far too many omega-6 fats and not nearly enough omega-3 fats. An out of whack omega-6/omega-3 ratio tends to make the immune system overly sensitive and prone to autoimmune reactions. Limit your consumption of omega-6 rich foods like vegetable oils and start chowing down on fatty fish, flax-seeds and nuts.

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