Tuesday 29 November 2011 - Minor Changes

After recounting the story of my mum's response to the website as : "oh" *unimpressed face*
I was chatting to a friend who offered to give me an opinion on the design of the site. She said something that had been bugging me since I had finished the design; the main text on the site. She picked it out as looking slightly pixellated, and not looking right because of the contrast between the whit text and the dark background. After trying several different fonts I decided on Century Gothic and a cyan font colour. However, then trying with a lighter background and black text I decided that it was definitely a better look. I'm not 100% sure about this light blue colour I've got at the moment but a light background behind the text and black font colour is definitely the way to go.

The other thing she mentioned was that the eeeewan.co.uk in the site logo didn't really stand out and that it should be darkened. Experimenting with it in photoshop though it turned out that lightening it actually made it stand out more than darkening it. I lightened it up by changing the colour gradient on it from black-white to blue-white. I also added a drop shadow, a 2 pixel black border on the outside of the text and applied a bevel+contour effect to it to make it stand out a little bit more. It stands out a lot more now and is definitely better than it was before. I hadn't been sure about it before, I thought maybe it didn't stand out but had decided it was probably OK. It was good to hear from someone else that it needed something done to it