Tuesday 17 January 2012 - Dinner Party

10th January, the meal I had been planning metamorphosized into a 3 course epic dinner beginning with champagned and ending many hours later with a late night pizza hours and hours after the main meal was over. Over the course of the night, various different people asked for various different of the recipes until someone smartly suggested I pop them up on the website.

And so tonight, I open the Recipe section at Eeeewan.co.uk
There may only currently be two recipes but I shall be adding the Spice Box Chicken recipe from Tuesday, along with my own personal pizza and chilli recipes with more to follow after that.
In addition to this we will see the opening of a new section on the site's forum in the next few days for people to suggest recipes for inclusion on the site, to discuss and rate recipes from the site or posted on the forum by others and to suggest adaptations and tweaks to various recipes. Basically a big recipe swap-shop and review section.

The Recipe section can be found here or by using the links bar at the top.