Thursday 29 March 2012 - Dog Training Advice & Tips

I'm just wanting to share with anyone who happens to be visiting the site here and also owns a dog a site that is run by a friend of mine who is, I would say, a bit of an amateur expert when it comes to all things dog related. She's currently looking to do a dog training course to have that all important little bit of paper to begin, hopefully, her own training school but to be honest she could do that right now and I have no doubt she would have no difficulty training the dogs (and the owners) at all.

She has however started her own website at where she has several articles on dog training. I know her dogs are amazingly well trained and she's had several people ask her for advice on training after seeing how her dogs behave when out on a walk so I'm sure people will find the training articles useful.
I think there are also reviews of various dog related products on there as well.

So please let her know if you find any of the stuff on her site useful, I'm absolutely certain she'd love to hear from you if you do. I really do hope that she manages to get a place on the dog training course or manages to somehow pick up a customer base through word of mouth amongst dog walkers. Not only would she love to be working doing that but the dogs and dog owners in the area would benefit as well :)
She uses methods that don't involve frightening or confusing the dog, she really does love dogs with a passion and is very passionate about using the methods that are the best for the dog and will also produce good results. I could see her as a result finding a dog training course quite frustrating at times as it will be bound to still use some methods that are now outdated or no longer considered the kindest to the dog and I know she wouldn't enjoy that but I have a feeling it would be necessary to pass. After which I think running a training school and promoting it for its methods which are better both in efficency (I can't spell that word tonight so I've given up) and for the dog itself. I think that alone would be enough to provide an excellent USP (or almost USP at least) that would ensure steady custom.